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What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Blog about EAP

The connection between humans and horses has evolved since their first interactions. Our histories are intertwined from our first relationship of "using" horses to transport us, our goods, our families further distances or in war, to our relationship now when a horse can be a companion, sport partner, and a KY bred racing machine. Girls (and some boys) have been fascinated with horses to the point where the term "horse girl" has become wildly understood in most of our culture.

Horse girls are drawn to the strength, power, and also gentleness of these beautiful beasts. We want to know about them, understand them, and deeply in our hearts have adventures with them. To many of us, horses have been the entity that listened when no one else would, who kept our secrets, and who literally carried us when we needed support. Horse lovers run a spectrum of the truly obsessed (in the best way) who think about them all the time and just want to get to the barn. To those on the other end who like horses, but also like many other animals or outdoor activities.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy taps into our connection, respect, and love for the horse to build on the natural bond toward healing. We partner with ponies, horses, and minis in full consent to work with us so that humans can heal from trauma. We build relationships to create new partners of security and communication. We observe herd dynamics to unpack our own "herd dynamics" in human life. We allow the relationship between horse and human to grow, change us, and in part change our inner world.

Trauma Informed EAP is a way to connect and heal that isn't possible in the therapy office. For more information, please see our EAP section and check out these articles supporting the practice scientifically.

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