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Animal EMDR & Communication

Healing and connection FOR animals

EMDR for Mammals

Mammals in our world experience trauma like accidents or abuse. They may have fears of objects like vacuums or riding in cars. Mammals may also experience stress with typical medical or maintenance work like nail trimmings or vet visits. 

Thanks to the work of Enamasso, an organization in France, we have tools adapted from human trauma or fear treatment to help our animal friends!

EMDR is a stress, trauma, and/or fear healing modality that is commonly used in human mammals. The treatment uses establishing safety, collaboration with client/caretaker, and Bilateral stimulation to relieve our animal friends of their symptoms. 

Please reach out for more information on EMDR for mammals!


Animal communication


Animal communication is the process of opening to become more aware of the feelings in your body, images in your mind, and the thoughts in your mind. I communicate with animals to determine what they are feeling, any places they feel pain, or to determine the cause of abnormal behavior. We can connect about behavioral issues, transitions like death/sickness/moving, and to share your feelings with your animal. 

I am currently working on learning EMDR for animals to continue to facilitate healing with our animal friends and family. 

At a time with our relationship with nature needs a significant shift, we turn to healing our relationship with animals. Our animal partners are not as disconnected with nature as we humans are! 


If you are interested in Animal Communication services, contact me for more info.


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