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Competition Preparation Package

Utilizing coping skills, connection, and compassion, the coach, equine, and human will set goals for the competition season.


Whether you are a seasoned competitor who wants to fine tune their competition skill, or you are new to competing in equine sports, we can work toward your individual goals for you and equine.


This package works well as focused one-four session(s) preparing for a big event, bi-weekly or monthly basis for students & horses in the Lexington, KY area or in other locations for a clinic weekend. (see HERD Retreat and Clinics page for more info)

Relationship Building Package

This program is a collaboration between coach, equine, and human to facilitate change through focused, intentional work.


Our work can focus on your thoughts, feelings, or concerns, as well your equine's past traumas and life changes. It can also incorporate work to deepen relationship between human and equine.


Sessions will incorporate groundwork, herd observance, establishing connection before haltering, consent to halter, mindfulness practices, guided meditations, and journaling among other interventions. Humans and equines will be encouraged to practice self-care for bio breaks including snacks, meals, and hydration. 


Relationship Transitions Package

This package would be most beneficial to help human and equine process through grief from the death of an equine or other animal or any other changes in the human or equine life that interrupts connection. It would also be helpful for dealing with transitions such as adding a new horse to the herd or needing to retire a long-time competition partner.

Retreats and Day Experiences

A new program, Leslie is available to travel to your farm or facilitate a retreat at one of our facility partnerships. Check out the HERD retreat page for more information.


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