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Bridge into the Woods

Therapy for Couples

Relationships can be wonderfully fulfilling, but they can also face challenges and complexities that require care and attention. Whether partners are facing communication problems, trust issues, conflicts, or simply seeking to enhance your connection, I'm here to offer guidance and support tailored to a couple's specific needs.

In this therapeutic environment, couples can explore their feelings, build healthier patterns of interaction, and work together to create a more harmonious and satisfying partnership. Couples therapy can be a transformative resource for deepening your connection, resolving conflicts, and fostering a more loving and resilient relationship. 

Love Locks

"Leslie has been helpful to us as we navigated preparing for our wedding, opening a business, and preparing to have our first child. She was able to help us see the others perspective, develop better communication skills, and have more compassion for ourselves as we built our relationship."

Alexa Young, CA

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