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Life Coaching

For clients who are interested in exploring todays patterns and preparing for the future, with less focus on the past. 

Some people going through life experience challenges with unhelpful patterns, outdated coping tools, or are looking for guidance for the path ahead. 


As a coach, I am able to work with clients who want to tackle these immediate issues, focusing on what serves them and what we can let go of. We look at what is the next right step for you to match your values and goals.

Coaching is not therapy and if it is determined that therapy is more appropriate, then we will collaborate to meet your needs.

Other Services

Child Psychologist
Therapeutic Services

Guidance and support for people of all ages and backgrounds to help navigate life's challenges and achieve personal growth.

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Animal Assisted Therapy

The presence of loving and gentle animals enhances the healing journey, promoting emotional well-being and a deeper connection.

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Holistic Equine Relationship Development (HERD) helps humans and their equine partners find a deeper and supportive relationship together.

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