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Pottery and Perfectionism

One of the paths that I walk regularly in this life is dismantling my perfectionism. It shows up like a cloak of armor when I'm stressed out or tackling a new task. As you are well aware, the universe gives us lots of opportunities to work on the ridiculous idea of being "mistake-less" if we are looking for them!

Most recently, perfectionism has been getting in my way from developing HERD, my equine program. I felt like I needed to know all the answers, how to do this new kind of relationship building, and be a master equine therapist instead of doing what I REALLY need to do: collaborate, learn, and just do the damn thing.

I've been practicing this new mistake-making with a pottery class at As an artsy person, I've never thrown, shaped, or glazed pottery. What a magical learning experience it has been and great for embracing mistakes. I highly recommend finding an encouraging, supportive space to work on this, no place for shame here!

I will keep working on my perfectionism with my own therapist and in my equine life. I am grateful for the relationships that allow me to do so with love and vulnerability. I will continue to offer that space for my clients as well.

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