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New practice!

2023 is a new year for me in an abundance of ways. I am thrilled to have my own practice in Lexington, KY to work with kiddos, couples, individuals, teens, and families. I am glad to have new clients that are visiting in my office or via telehealth as well as clients who I continue to see from my practice in Louisville. I am hopeful about the continuing growth of my therapy practice and my equine coaching practice. This year will be a year of challenges, growth, and deepening of who I am as a human.

In 2022 I was united in ceremony with my partner and became a stepmom. I continued to grow my skills as a therapist in EMDR, Natural Lifemanship, and self-compassion. I read lots of books that are helpful as a therapist and lots of books that were fun to give my brain a break. I laughed. I traveled. I ate lots of delicious food. I continued to grow as a professor at Post University. I deepened my friendships. I mourned my community in Louisville as I moved full time to Lexington, knowing I will see them but also that it won't be the same as walking across the hall or easily meeting up for tea. I discovered some of my shadows and began that work. I faced my religious trauma head on and developed a better understanding of emotionally immature people. I grew. I worked with awesome clients who taught me as much as I hope I taught them. I cried.

I don't make resolutions, I set goals to manifest. In 2023 I will be focusing on the following:

-continuing to grow my practice to help people who are ready to tackle their problems head on.

-continuing to educate myself on best practices in trauma-focused healing, cultural competency, and relationship support

-complete my Natural Lifemanship certification

-grow my community both as a therapist and as a human in Lexington, KY.

-meditate every day and stretch every day, move my body in a joyful and/or grounded way at least 30 min every day.

-read good books

-listen to good music

-invest in relationships

-allow myself to rest and experience pleasure as an act of revolution

Sometime between the new year and mid January, I will take time to make my vision board for the year, representing these wonderful goals and my word of the year: Community.

What are your goals for 2023?

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