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HERD developments

HERD is my baby and I feel like I've been pregnant a while...

But I'm excited to be developing a retreat and day experiences in the coming months.

For the first retreat, I will be collaborating with Frog Pond Farm in Brown Co, IN for a retreat focused on Connection and Relaxation. We will be partnering with ponies (and a couple horses) to play with the idea of connection to self, others, and community. We will have time together to meditate, relax, eat, and move our bodies in nature. We will also have some free time to explore the adjacent park or the sweet little shops in historic Nashville, IN.

Our day experiences will be a couple hours of time spent in connection and meditation with the ponies in nature at Frog Pond Farm. Brown Co is a place that people come to for adventure, art, nature, and music. We hope to add to their experience by connecting them with self through equine relationship!

Both Frog Pond Farm and Nashville are places of joy, deep thinking, and creativity-a great combination for our first retreat. Surrounded by the woods of Brown Co Park and the history of an artist colony, we hope to gift you with an incredible experience.

Stay tuned for more information!

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