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Please allow me to introduce myself...

I'm a woman of knowledge and curiosity, not so much the wealth and power that the Rolling Stones sing about in "Sympathy For The Devil."

I am so thrilled to be opening my own private practice as a therapist in Lexington, Kentucky. As a lifelong horse girl, it's only fitting that my journey has landed me back in the horse capital. My years as a professional equestrian inform my therapy practice and those of you who visit in person will see a few horsey art pieces and kiddos will have some horses (among many other animals) to play with through Child Centered Play Therapy. I'm an animal lover at heart and am thankful that I have a partner as an animal assisted therapist in Professional Good Boy, Nugget.

I love reading and writing. My hope is that this blog section will be a way for me to share my work, my resources, and my thoughts. Whether centered on my latest EMDR training, a lovely Nugget story, or a resource I found to be quite helpful, I hope you will be encouraged and your knowledge expounded!

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