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What is connection?

The word connection, is all over this webpage, so how about we define it?

Connection is the sharing of information back and forth in relationship. The communing of two (or more) souls, sometimes with purpose such as lovers wanting to be closer or friends wanting to catch up after time apart. Connection is the draw of human to animal or nature, a strange filling of desire to be as close to a horse, lake, or dirt path as is possible, to feel grounded and rooted in their presence. Connection is the frequency of emotions passing through one being to another, then being able to make a choice as to how those emotions will effect you. Connection is what our communities are created with, how our minds/bodies/souls intertwine.

Western society, particularly all the "isms" (sexism, capitalism, racism, ablism, etc.) all thrive on our individualism and disconnection. If we do not allow ourselves to be connected to someone who does't look like us, then we can "other" them and not have to witness their pain or change ourselves. If we do not connect to our body sensations and feelings, we can (try to) escape the uncomfortable pain of hard emotions. Spoiler alert: if you dull the uncomfortable emotions/feelings, you also dull the really joyful ones.

But is this authentic life? Who does it serve, because it certainly isn't ourselves or our community...

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