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What is a HERD Retreat or Workshop?


My wish for equine partnered workshops and retreats is for you to experience peace, compassion, joy, and kinship with like-minded humans.


People in our world may experience feelings of hopelessness, stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and those feelings impact their ability to thrive and experience joy. People who are having those feelings, struggle to be self-compassionate or connected to themselves, feeling apart from themselves or others.


Many women who have been equestrians may be search of a new way of being in relationship with the horse, whether they are experiencing fear of riding, aging of self or equines, or ready for a new level of interconnectedness. Some women may have always wanted to be with horses but never had an opportunity in safely interact with them.


HERD workshops and retreats are for women that are looking for support. For a day or a weekend, you will find greater connection to yourself and equine partners, leading to more self-compassion, awareness of how the world impacts your sense of self and well-being, how your connection to animals and self leads to joy & pleasure, making a small step to a life of thriving.


My hope for you is that we can walk this journey together, with our equine partners, to learn more ways of being self-compassionate and connected to ourselves in a way that allows pleasure and joy in midst of fear or suffering. All systemic oppressors continue to have power when we don't find our self-compassion and joy/pleasure in midst of the suffering.


As a life-long horsewoman and mental health therapist, I am uniquely suited to assist you on a journey of discovery of self in partnership with equines in nature. My priority is connecting with you to collaborate on your journey of healing and self-discovery. I believe we each have answers to our struggles, sometimes it takes a helpful human or equine guide to walk along with us. I want to help provide a safe place to explore who you have been, who. you are, and who you want to be in partnership with our equine friends.

Interested, but wondering what we do at a workshop or retreat? In a typical workshop or retreat day, we will:

  • start the day with a light breakfast, tea, and coffee together, connecting to our group.

  • tour the barn or paddocks to meet our equine partners. I know as a horse girl, getting to meet the horses is always high on my list of priorities.

  • transition to our first group session starting with a poem or reading to set the tone. We will set guidelines for our time together related to privacy, boundaries, and needs. We’ll have discussion and activities related to our theme, in line with the intentions for the weekend, and ending with a self-compassion practice.

  • take a break and begin our first equine activity which may be anything from a meditation or quiet time with our equine friends in their field/paddocks to a structured activity or game.

  • debrief our equine activity over a delicious locally sourced lunch together, provided by the retreat.

  • have a similar schedule after lunch of group time, possibly breaking up into pairs or having some quiet alone time before joining back up with our equine partners for another afternoon activity designed to explore connectedness.

  • debrief our time together at the end of the day, perhaps with extra time for an art activity,

  • wrap up with a sending off blessing if you are attending a one-day workshop.


Retreats will include dinner and sometimes an after dinner fun activity like making arts/crafts or watching a movie together. Retreats will follow a similar schedule day to day, but offer more self-compassion exercises, equine activities, and opportunities for deeper discussion as a group as well as one-on-one. Depending on the weather, we will spend time outside in our gatherings: standing, sitting, walking, nature hiking.

How do I sign up or get more info?


Workshop or Retreat?

Decide whether you are ready for a day workshop or weekend retreat at Pine Knoll Farm in Georgetown or Frog Pond Farm in Nashville, IN


Which date works best?

Consult your calendar to determine which date will work best for you to take a break from "real life" and focus on yourself.


Fill out registration

Contact Leslie or download the registration packet and email it to secure your spot. Once it is received, we will reach out for a deposit. 

Aren't quite ready to sign up?

Check out the a gallery of pictures or read some of the feedback from past retreat attendees.

Feel free to reach out to chat via email or phone for any questions you might have.

Fall 2023 Retreat at Frog Pond Farm - Nashville, IN

Nora, KY

The space created between women on this retreat felt sacred & distinct. The hospitality of the hosts helped me feel cared for, the beauty of the setting helped me feel at peace, and the activities & facilitation made it easy to dig deep and connect to others & myself with curiosity & compassion.

HERD Clinics

Deepen your connection to level up your horsemanship.


Building relationship

Clinics are short focused time to build on your and your equine's work at home. HERD Clinic sessions are a collaboration between coach, equine, and human (or humans if need be) to facilitate change through focused, intentional work. Our work can focus on your thoughts, feelings, or concerns, as well your equine's history, behavior, feelings, and life changes. It will also include work to deepen relationship between human and equine.

Focusing on big goals

Listening to equine partners

Sessions may involve groundwork, establishing connection before haltering, consent to halter & tack up, evaluation of equine’s consent or cooperation before mounting/riding. Driving/riding sessions will focus on relaxation of equine & human while building trust & understanding. Some sessions may include dressage foundational work, play with cones or obstacles, depending on the coach’s determination of suitability.

Prioritizing relationship, we will utilize coping skills, connection, and compassion to set mountain top goals and achievable goals for equine & human.  Whether you are a seasoned competitor who wants to fine tune your competition skill, or you are new to competing in equine sports, we can work toward your individual goals for you and equine. *Safety of all and relationship come first, no matter what future goals may be.*  

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