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Leslie Cashion, LMFT

Compassion. Connection. Care.


I believe change is possible, and I envision a world capable of being better. I have seen my clients' lives change. I've experienced change in my own life. My hope for you is that looking for a therapist is an important step on your journey towards significant positive change. 


My canine therapy partner Nugget, and I work with clients who are experiencing life shifts or painful events such as divorce, relationship betrayal, or loss of a loved one. People in transition may feel stuck, frustrated, lost, hurt, or alone. These experiences can bring up feelings of anxiety, depression, and even hopelessness.

Let's collaborate to promote healing. We'll work together to reach your personal goals and strengthen your resolve to live your authentic life. I work with individuals, couples, families, teens, and children.

We could all use some help reconnecting with our own strengths. Sometimes, we need an outside guide to learn new skills that help us feel safer and more confident. Life can be hard. Let's work together to help you survive and then truly THRIVE!


What happens next?

Book an Appointment

Take a step towards emotional well-being and personal growth. Book your appointment today.

Insurance & Sliding Scale Fees

While I do not accept insurance at this time, I can give you a receipt of your payment and include any diagnosis or plan of action so you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. Not accepting insurance means that we can take the time necessary to address your needs at your chosen pace. 

I also accept clients on a sliding scale fee based on financial need. Please contact me directly to request consideration or visit my page on Open Path.

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